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Monday, August 30, 2010

Peterson Directed Handwriting Cursive Level

I was given the opportunity to review the Peterson Directed Handwriting PDF by Hand E-Workbook Cursive Level Steps 1-4, the cost is $19.95 for each step for what they call an individual license. The fact that this is an E-workbook makes it easy to print as many copies you need of each lesson to practice each letter or words, as well as for teaching multiple children. I used the curriculum with my 7 year old daughter who has been interested in learning cursive. At the following link scroll down to see the read-only full E-workbooks for all 4 steps of the Peterson Directed Handwriting Cursive Level, as well as the 3 steps of the print level and advanced cursive levels.

The basic premise of the curriculum as written in my E-workbook instructions:
{1. to teach the child how to hold the page in writing position
2. show the start point, stroke movements and teach the action words
3. teach the child how to air write and finger-trace the model while chanting the words to learn where to start, which way to go and how to move with the rhythm of the vocal
4. repeat finger-trace exercise until the child is moving smoothly with the voice.
5. lastly move to the actual write and say of the letter(s) or words
Fluency is smoothness. When smooth movements are learned, execution at various speed becomes possible.}

How I used the curriculum…

I chose to go ahead and start with the Step 1 even though it is really geared for Kindergartener or 1st grader. I did that because she has always had a more difficult time writing legibly and Step 1 has the larger sized lines to write the letters. Though if you had an older student you could easily start with any of the Steps 2-4 since it teaches the student the same basic strokes to form the letters just in progressively narrower lines.
I taught her the paper position, the four basic strokes (finger-trace and then writing them), and then I chose to teach her the letters in her name I struggled a bit to get her to do these simple things (we are on summer break) though she did get it done for me
I should have had her air write and finger-trace more so she could get the movements smoother, but she did a fair job of the letters for the first go around

Here’s what I really liked about the curriculum…

it is a beautiful way to write

the learning sheets (Step 1) teach the ABC’s and 0-9 in sign language and that just is nice to see since I have a deaf son

printing off what pages we needed and however many of each the practice sheets show each of the strokes in a different color to make it easier for the child to chant and form the letter

the practice sheets also have the steps written and numbered at the top of the page in the same different colors so it is easier for the child and teacher to chant and form the letter

as the steps progress the lines get narrower

it is relatively simple to teach the curriculum, provided you read all the instructions and tips they give you before you begin

besides printing off the pages you need there is not really any preparation

it uses all the learning styles…auditory (chanting), visual (seeing the strokes in the different colors) and kinesthetic (air writing, finger tracing, writing on the page)

the way Steps 2-4 teach the basic strokes and letters, a different layout on the pages

Since we already have all the Steps…I will let my daughter decide if she wants to continue with this curriculum or use the curriculum that her brothers used…a more plain looking cursive handwriting. I am used to a curriculum that I really didn’t have to do any direct teaching, so this curriculum is different in that aspect as it does take some direction from the teacher initially.

Browse the Peterson Directed Handwriting website and find lots of  information. I did have a little difficulty with finding this product on the website as far as if you wanted to purchase it…you need to click the web store link and then look for the heading on the left sidebar that says Group R E-Workbooks and then search the webpage for the particular Step you want but make sure you are getting the individual license not the building license which is for schools or co-ops.

To read Crew reviews on this or other products go to TOS Crew Blog.

Disclaimer---I received this product free of charge from the vendor in exchange for my honest review of the product.

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  1. Great job dear. Sounds like it could be a good fit your "Coral" girl. :0)

    FM Sheri