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Friday, September 10, 2010

America’s Math Teacher

I was given the opportunity to review the online program
America’s Math Teacher from Math Essentials.

This is what the website says…

So many benefits to this program, and it really works!

America’s Math Teacher will make each topic simple, and easy to understand. Students learn lots of math and have lots of fun while doing it! America's Math Teacher is perfect for home schooling, and educational institutions. Our video lessons don't include distracting sound effects, animations, or graphics, just simple one on one instruction to teach concepts and increase retention.

Use the evaluation exams to see where the skill level of each student is. Each course is complete with printed exercises and excellent quizzes, and final exams. Each course has it's own learning center where everything you need is available on one web page!

Easy to Use!

1. Work along with America’s Math Teacher as he guides you through a lesson
2. Complete the written exercise
3. Check your answers in the solutions section
4. Take a quiz after each section
5. Take the final exam after each course.

    It is that simple!!

    Learn at your own pace which means you won’t get behind, plus you can always go back and go through a lesson a second time.
    • No huge, boring text that does nothing but confuse and distract.
    • No more taking notes on lectures that you don’t understand
    • Available 24/7

    Grades 4 through Algebra

    Even if you have always struggled with math, America’s Math Teacher will explain concepts in a way that will make you realize that math can be easy, fun, and exciting!
    Excellent for:
    • A stand alone curriculum with built-in homework assignments
    • Intervention programs
    • After-School Programs
    • Adults who are returning to school
    • Struggling students who need to catch up
    • Students who want to get ahead in math
    • English language learners
    The price is $195 for a 1 year subscription to America’s Math Teacher from Math Essentials, here is the Pricing link for homeschoolers. And this price is for as many students as you have in these levels of math, which may seem like a costly program, but it really is just over $16 dollars a month.
    What I liked about this online program…
    online speed drills…I sat and played this and totally loved it! Oh and yes my kids loved it too:)

    printable worksheets…with those super fun speed drills on them

    simple videos that are not super fancy…my son said that they were helpful for him, I found them helpful too.

    easy to navigate website

    This would suit all the learning styles…visual, auditory and kinesthetic. Visual because the problem is being solved on a white screen with only the numbers (in black and red) and possibly the order of operation to solve a problem, nothing distracting. Auditory because he is speaking aloud how to go about solving the problem, explaining anything that needs to be explained or defined. Kinesthetic because he asks the student to physically solve the problem as he shows you how.

    My son is just beginning 4th grade level math, so we really only used the basic math and a a little advanced math sections. I mainly had him watch some of the videos and do speed drills.

    When I was in school and we learned a new concept, by the time I came home to work on my homework I would sometimes forget how to work a problem and just reading the textbook on how to do it didn’t usually help me. So having the videos with virtually every topic needed to solve Grade 4-Algebra math problems would have been very helpful for me.

    If you want to read other reviews on this product or other homeschool products go to TOS Crew Blog.

    Math Essentials is the company that made the America’s Math Teacher online program…it has workbooks and DVD’s that you can purchase as your core curriculum or I suppose as a supplement to help a struggling student.

    Disclaimer- I was given a free trial period of America’s Math Teacher in exchange for my honest review.

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