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Monday, November 29, 2010

Life over the past 5 weeks...

Over the last five weeks our 3 year old has been in a Spica is a cast that goes from his chest to his toes. Why you ask? He broke his femur (thigh bone). How you ask? He was at the park with his grandparents and fell off a chain bridge thing and just simply fell wrong. 

Here is a picture of him...sorry it is sideways for some reason I can't rotate it.

At the hospital...

It has been interesting to say the least...
Yes...he can barely fit in his carseat, all the straps are pulled out as far as they can be. 
Yes...he is awkward to hold and a bit heavier.
Yes...he gets pulled around in a wagon.
Yes...the diapering is a little awkward as well, 2 diapers, one stuffed in the provided hole and one on the outside.
Yes...the cast does have a tendency to stink at the diaper area.
Yes...he is dealing with it wonderfully.
Yes...he has gotten around the last few crawling, standing holding onto something, and rolling. is expected that he will pretty much need to learn to walk again.
Yes...he may have a noticeable limp for up to 6-12 months.
Yes...he will completely recover from this and in another year it will be a distant memory.

hubby made a chair and table for him to sit and play/eat at

What I am thankful for?
...that he is only 3 years old
...that I can still carry him around
...that he still is his fun, entertaining self
...that he wasn't potty trained yet, so no regression there
...that God is teaching me more and more...compassion, sacrifices of motherhood and service (to name a few)
...that my older kids are learning more about compassion and service
...for my church body...many were wanting and willing to help with whatever we needed
...for my hubby's work...they sent a weeks worth of freezer meals

In another week or so he will be getting the cast off...what will happen that day?
...he is going to get a very long bath, complete with a good scrubbing with a loofa sponge or something!
...he is going to wear a shirt and pants!
...snuggle time!


  1. Oh My! What a trooper! I am so sorry he experienced all this-man! He seems quite resilient tho!
    FM Sheri

  2. Just reading this as I was crawling through the TOS Crew blogs. If your son is like mine (who had just a broken arm), he's probably going to forget completely about it. Well, beyond seeing photos showing him in the cast. Thank goodness kids are so resilient.

    FM Laura