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Monday, January 10, 2011

Easy Classical

Easy Classical

I was given an Early Modern History 36-week schedule to review from Easy Classical. It is for studying the Explorers through America 1820. This is just one of the many schedules that Easy Classical has available. It is priced at $35.95 for the notebook version and $29.95 for the digital version. It can be used for K-6th grades. The schedule is 106 pages of learning for your child.

Week 1: America Before She Got Her Name
Week 2: Prince Henry the Navigator
Week 3: Christopher Columbus
Week 4: Magellan
Week 5: The Spanish Conquistadors
Week 6: French Explorers
Week 7: Sir Walter Raleigh and the Lost Colony
13 Colonies
Week 8: John Smith and Jamestown
Week 9: William Bradford and the Plymouth Plantation
Week 10: Massachusetts Bay Colony
Week 11: Roger Williams and Rhode Island
Week 12: New England Colonies and King Philipʼs War
Colonial America
Week 13: Middle Colonies
Week 14: Salem Witch Trials
Week 15: Southern Colonies
Week 16: Plantation Living
Week 17: The Great Awakening
Week 18: Benjamin Franklin
Week 19: Colonial Trading with England
Week 20: Washington and the French and Indian Wars
Road to Independence
Week 21: Taxation without Representation is Tyranny
Week 22: Boston Massacre and the First Continental Congress
Week 23: Paul Revere and the Shot that was Heard Around the World
Week 24: Washington Commander in Chief of the Continental Army
Week 25: The Battle of Breedʼs and Bunker Hill
Week 26: John Locke and Isaac Newton and the Idea of Democracy
Week 27: Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence
Week 28: Washington at Valley Forge
Week 29: Benedict Arnold
Week 30: Cornwallis Surrenders at Yorktown/Franklin and the Treaty of Paris
Week 31: The Constitution
Week 32: Washington the First President
Week 33: Napoleon Bonaparte and the Louisiana Purchase
Week 34: Lewis and Clark
Week 35: James Madison and the War of 1812
Week 36: Slavery and The Missouri Compromise

A few thoughts from me…

If the classical approach seems daunting to you, Easy Classical has made it quite simple. As with any classical or charlotte mason approach it uses living books. It also has review questions and quizzes for each week. There are fun little icons that remind you of what is happening that particular day. Visually speaking the schedule is very easy to read and follow. They have also put a “sticky note” on it to note any materials needed for the next week. NOTE: the main reading appears to be all on one day…Monday, but for some families that may be too much, so I suspect that you could easily spread it out over 1-3 days. Easy Classical knows that you may not get all the assignments finished each week, so they say to be flexible and do what you can.

Learning styles and this schedule…if your child is a kinesthetic learner do more of the hands on projects, if they are more of a visual learner use as many pictures and map projects to aid in learning. If he or she is an auditory learner make sure you do most of the reading that is scheduled.

Want to see samples of this product? Click here. The schedule is broken down into sections…history books and veritas card, writing, geography, project, and literature read alouds. It gives you the list of all the resources to either purchase or get from the library. The writing portion is based upon their curriculum…Writing with History, which is used in conjunction with Institute of Excellence in Writing (IEW) style and structure. Some of the geography portion is also based on their curriculum…Geography with History.

Overall, I think that anyone who teaches using the classical method or even the charlotte mason method and need help with “putting it all together” would greatly benefit by using this schedule or any of the other schedules Easy Classical have put together. They even have complete schedules that include science.

You can read other TOS Crew reviews of this product here.

Disclaimer---I received this product for free in exchange for my honest review.

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