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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I was given an opportunity to review the online fitness and nutrition program called GoTrybe.


This is an online subscription for a fitness program geared for kids ages 5-18, but of course adults can use this as well. Using the GETFIT promotional code you can get a free trial of GoTrybe, If you decide to continue using it after the free trial period, the cost of a one year membership is $19.95 (regularly $39.95). 

There is much to the GoTrybe website…when you join you get to create an avatar, learn about nutrition, wellness or get motivation and take quizzes daily to earn points, create and do your own workout or choose a GoTrybe workout to do to earn points, have GoTrybe “friends”, finally “buy” clothes, shoes, and accessories with your points for your avatar. 

This is what I did for the purpose of this review…I made an avatar for us as a family (okay so it looked like meSmile), though I could have made one for each of my kids, but it was easier to have just one. We then would work out together using a workout I created. Honestly speaking we only did this a couple times…but I did go through the website to see what was available and earned points doing some of the other things. I looked at many of the workouts to see what intensity or what it focused on. Making the time to exercise is the hardest thing for me…

There were many things I liked about this program…

I liked that it was real people…adults and kids doing the workout. 

I liked that you could find a workout for warming up, cardio, strength training, and flexibility.

I liked that as you create a workout it gives you a total time of the workout.

There are a lot of workouts to choose from…so it keeps you going with variety.

One thing I wish were a little different is that as you go to create or choose a workout is that it was categorized better…for example when you choose your cardio stuff you have to scroll through a long set of pictures and pick and choose by hovering your mouse over it…I think it would be easier to pick workouts if they were labeled and categorized more specifically on in sections or something…sorry, I guess it is hard to explain what I mean.

Overall, I think this is great for anyone, but especially a great option for those who have a hard time getting their kids to exercise or to get and be active. 

Remember if you are interested you can get a free trial by using the code GETFIT at GoTrybe sign up.

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Disclaimer---I was given a free 3-month subscription in exchange for my honest review.

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