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Monday, July 19, 2010

TOS June 2010 Module "Travel the World" for Review

E-Book: Travel the World!—June 2010 Issue 
For my first review as a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received the TOS June 2010 Module titled Travel the World. This module and many other homeschool curricula can be purchased at  The Old Schoolhouse Store. I was excited to review this E-book because we will be “Traveling the World” in the future for part of our history. It first starts off explaining what geography is, second about maps and the vocabulary used, and third the land and waters that make up the earth. In the section, regarding the land and waters, is where you’ll find information and hyperlinks about the 7 continents of the world. A further note…within the whole module are hyperlinks that take you to websites with more information or online games about that particular subject, as well as other resources. In the back of the module you’ll find about 35 pages of worksheets and more resources that you can use to enhance your study of geography and the continents of the world. It is very reasonably priced at just $7.95.
Click here to see a sample of the module.

The E-book is designed for all ages, but I think it would really benefit the elementary grades the best. It does have a high school expansion section in it, so it really could be perfect for multi-level teaching. For those whom are familiar with lapbooking, it has a section in the worksheets that you can use to create a lapbook. The great thing about this product being a downloadable E-book is that you can print what you want and how many of each. It also takes very little preparation by the teacher. If you go to the link of the sample I gave above you can see the full table of contents to see exactly what is all in the module.

I chose to read to the kids all the information about geography, maps, land and waters and also about the seven continents and to do some of the worksheets. My kids had fun doing the worksheets that I printed out for them…the word search, crossword, and rebus puzzle. To review what I read to them, I orally asked them the questions in the fill-in-the-blank worksheet instead of them doing it individually. I also had them do a copywork sheet to practice their cursive and printing. Since we plan on studying the continents more in depth in the future we didn’t do the worksheets on the specific continents at this time, but I will be definitely using all of both the hyperlinks and worksheets when we do.I personally looked at most of the hyperlinks to see what was there and they have found some great websites to link you to. So that is what we did with the module now and what we will do when the time comes to study the continents more in depth.

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Disclaimer---I received this product free of charge from the vendor in exchange for my honest review of the product.


  1. Oh man, I am losing it-I see you did link it to the crew-great! Your review was very nice, it let me know how much you enjoyed it, shared some of what it contains and listed the ages for a potential purchaser to ponder. Awesome! So glad you are on my team and nice review!

    FM Sheri

  2. Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I'm spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job!